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Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Board 

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   So you are asking yourself, "Where can I get a Star Trek Tri-D chess board?" My Federation Standard Tri-D Chess Rules have complete instructions on building a full-scale, 23" tall board from sheet plastic and plywood, and also provide blueprints to help you along. (Click the SAMPLE RULES button above and then go buy a copy!) However, I realize not everyone is handy with power tools. (Arrgh, Arrrgh ARRGH!)

   There used to be a commercially made half-scale chess board out there, if you wanted to spend the Latinum. But that un-named manufacturer of collectibles has taken the board out of production.

   The first choice would be to go to, and key "Star Trek chess" into the search box. About half the hits you get are usually Tri-D sets (verify before you buy!) and they can often be had for about ½ the price you would pay if you could still find the board from the original manufacturer. Take note of when the auction ends, and I suggest you zoom in with a bid about five minutes before the time's up. 

    And remember, if you want to explore all types of 3-d chess, visit the 3d Chess Federation website. You'll see "8x8x3", "4x8x4", "5x5x5", "4x4x4", and even the really scary "8x8x8"!  There are even some variants on the familiar Trek Tri-D!   Surf on in... you'll be glad you did.

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