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A programming/writing position that will use my diverse technical multimedia experience to benefit myself and my employer. I am also open to any other creative position that will use my unusual abilities in interesting and profitable ways.

Computer Hardware:

  • An avid Windows95/98 user for the past seven years, I have an in-home network of four Pentium/II computers (TCP\IP protocol with firewall), including a hand-built arcade machine. I've owned one XP machine for two years now, as well.
  • I've built 22 computers from new and used parts for family, friends, church,and daycare. This included installation and integration of Bluelight, Netscape,& other software, and the editing of personalized desktop themes. 
  • I assisted the MIS department of Precision Industrial Automation for seven years with physical and software maintenance on a 70+ station company network, including massive archiving of old floppy files to the network. I also ran data lines throughout the building during network expansion, and assisted engineers with software questions on operation of their stations, and onmany programs.


  • Ten-year personal experience building and operating computers with the Windows 95/98 OS. 
  • Two-year personal experience operating a computer with the Windows XP Operating System.
  • Ten-year experience with Microsoft Word 97, and two with Word Perfect. 
  • Attended Word for Windows one-day training seminar locally. 
  • Attended Word for Windows one-day training seminar locally. 
  • Geek experience tinkering with dozens of programs used in the production of desktop themes, sound and music editing, and graphic generation. 
  • Four years programming in ATARI Basic, generating gaming and other utilities. 
  • Extensive experience of Excel, including elaborate macros to assemble and massage data. Compleated a ten-week advanced class in Excel as well. 
  • Avid Netscape websurfer and Internet news junkie, I am learning HTML coding. This site was done with Netscape Composer and Notepad, but I am also learning HotDog 5 Professional.


  • Assembled statistical data and wrote proposals for two $10,000+ hardware purchases while at Precision. 
  • Author of 32 published "Letters to the Editor" in the Enquirer and Post in the past seven years.
  • Layout, design and writing experience on dozens of church brochures, pamphlets,and promotional materials, including PR work for church events. 
  • Author of "The AdventureMaster's Archives", a gaming supplement for DragonRaid2, the roleplaying game.
  • Have written seven historical slideshows which included my own computer-edited soundtracks (.wav file/MP3/MIDI soundbeds.) This builds on the radio commercial work I did in college.
  • Wrote a set of accurate tri-dimensional chess rules that are now being considered by Activision as a major computer game. 


  • In my seven years at Precision, I maintained and organized their extensive 50-year-spanning engineering records system to provide up-to-date and accurate information to the engineering and sales staff. 
  • As my own project, I completely reorganized Precision's massive engineering drawing files, establishing a color-coded standard for easy storage and recovery. 
  • Prepared the entire Document Control department for Precision's successfully completed ISO 9001 engineering review, a demanding set of engineering standards that qualified the company to produce work for DaimlerChrysler and otherinternational vendors. 
1992 - 2000          Precision Industrial Automation         Cincinnati,OH
Document Control Tech 
Until my recent lay-off, I was responsible for all engineering document storage and retrieval, network file maintenance of AutoCAD and other files, reproduction of drawings and other documents, FedEx shipping, office supplies, software assistance and computer troubleshooting to the engineering department,and "everything else as assigned to me." 

1992                       Olsten Staffing Services                     Cincinnati, OH
Clerical Temporary 
During my year as a clerical temp, I consistently earned merchandise bonuses from the agency for my positive customer reviews and excellent attitude, and was often asked back for additional work. Precision Industrial Automation was so impressed by my skills, they hired me full time. 

1988-1991             Liberty Printing                                  Cincinnati, OH Counter Clerk and Estimator
I enthusiastically planned and organized printing orders, both walk-up and commercial, and helped customers produce quality printed goods at a value-based price. 

1986 - 1988          Cincinnati State                                  Cincinnati, OH 
Associates Degree in Graphic Arts
I graduated with a 3.5 average in Printing and related business skills.I am a quick student on technical subjects that interest me. 

1978 - 1982    Bowling Green State University        Bowling Green, OH
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations /Journalism, Print Minor 

I am a mentally flexible individual with the valuable Geek mindset that takes to new technologies and ideas and wants to see what interesting things they can be made to do. I can write, create, produce and combine ideas and information in unexpected ways.  What can I do for you today?

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